Set the violins to music, scatter the rose petals, crack open a bottle of bubbly, and get ready to plan some romantic getaways. A weekend away can be an important opportunity for couples at the beginning of a relationship to learn more about (and see how long you can stand) each other. Romantic holidays provide an equally important opportunity for couples who are deep into a relationship to switch gears, recharge, and realign.

A honeymoon designed around you

Our honeymoon trip ideas are intended to inspire you as you plan your honeymoon. Each trip idea can be tailored to your specific needs, with any special touches you desire.

If you’re having trouble deciding where to honeymoon, our Hidden Beaches specialists will walk you through the options based on their firsthand knowledge of our destinations.

Picking the right destination for your honeymoon dates

We understand that honeymoon dates are frequently set, and we’re here to advise you on the best Hidden Beaches destinations at various times of the year. Our experts will make recommendations based on the time of year you will be honeymooning.


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